30 October 2010


Clothing: 1 pair shoes; 1 jeans; 1 button down shirt; 3 tshirts; 3 underwear; 1 cycling shorts; 1 shorts; 3 socks; 1 heavy wool socks; 1 heavy wool sweater; 1 long sleeved cycling jersey; tank top; leg warmers;  neoprene booties; thermal headband; wool hat; long sleeved silk undershirt; O2 Rain Jacket and Pants; cycling gloves;  helmet; sunglasses; baseball cap

Camping: REI free-standing tent & ground pad (2 man, 3 season); 20° sleeping bag; Thermarest Ground Pad; emergency blanket; 2 6L MSR water bags; Swiss Army Knife (12 function: w/bottle & can opener); Frontier Emergency Water Filter; keychain LED light; (propane stove & cooking utensils to be purchased in Argentina)

Bike: Bike Friday Pocket Sport; Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires; Brooks saddle; BF foldable front & rear racks; 4 panniers & handlebar bag; Planet Bike fenders; 2 water bottles; 1 spare tire; 2 spare tubes; tire patch kit; spare brake & shifter cables; spare spokes; spare chain links; spare allen screws (racks & bike); front and rear lights; bike lock; 2 bungee cords

Tools: crank puller; tire levers; screwdriver; spoke wrench; cone wrench; small pliers; cassette removal tool; allen wrenches; adjustable wrench; chain breaker; chain cleaner; oil; grease; duct tape; zip ties

Misc: maps (Lonely Planet Argentina & Nelles Colombia); 1 pen; 1 notebook; 2 books (Spanish For Beginners & Eng/Esp Pocket Dictionary); Asus EEE Netbook; earbuds; 8GB thumbdrive; digital camera; camera travel tripod; power converter; compass; Kyocera unlocked cellphone (850/1600mhz); toiletries; flip flops; ziplock bags

29 October 2010


Bike Friday Pocket Sport
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