06 January 2011

Tigre 2

Rio Tigre

I stayed at the hostel most of the day resting and trying to sleep off the sickness. I went out for one walk along the Rio Tigre. The river was busy with kayaks, wooden tourist boats and larger green barges. Later in the day I said goodbye to the Scotsman and the 3 Argentine construction workers. They were leaving together for Rosario. That night at dinner a young Dutch couple talked to me about Patagonia. They had just returned from a long car trip there. The roads were bad they said, but the penguins and the glaciers were not to be missed.


erik said...

diggin the diarios de bicicleta... keep up the good work.

su primo- erik

Pete said...

cool primo. glad you dig it.

we'll see what sort of writing i'm capable of after fighting the Patagonian wind....

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