03 February 2011

Comodoro Rivadavia 3

I took a second day of rest in Comodoro Rivadavia. There was nothing memorable that I did or that happened during my two days there. I laid in bed and when I was not resting I was eating because a touring cyclist is always hungry and in a city he does not need to ration his food consumption. I had a room next to the kitchen and spent my days eating and cooking pasta and speaking with the old woman that monitored it during the day.

My legs were heavy and when I did stumble out of the hospedaje for more food I stopped in panaderias and other shops where some wonderful smell of food was coming. I did not stop myself. I bought and ate whatever smelled good. I took my camera with me but there is not any great beauty in Comodoro and I took only a few pictures.

But cities, especially this one, are for shopping and I did that too. I bought two tshirts to replace the white ones that were now stained with grease, dirt, snot, blood, bits of food, sweat, sunscreen, coffee, tears, and other elements. The new ones are gray and blue but with the lower temperatures this far south they will only be worn as a base layer under my wool sweater, and should stay much cleaner looking.

I had the phone number of a good friend of Guido, from the agro tourism estancia at Punta Tombo, and I had planned to call him to meet for a drink, but I did not. I was tired and slow and the only effort I made other than eating and walking to get more food was to read Knut Hamsun’s Hunger.

My bed and my room were becoming very comfortable and after two days at the hospedaje in Comodoro I felt as though I might decide to stay even longer. It was then I realized I must get back onto the road. There were many kilometers ahead and the winds would be waiting. There would be rooms and cities and food, whenever I wanted them--and also much sitting and eating-- but that would come only after Ushuaia.


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