03 March 2011

Punta Arenas 2

The last two photos are of a tiny, un-signed sandwich shop off the main plaza. Inside is a long counter you can sit at if you are lucky. The shop was packed each time I was there. The menu is posted on the wall and consists of hot "choriqueso" sandwiches and sweet milk. The choriqueso is a sandwich of chorizo sausage crushed into a paste with melted cheese on a small hard roll and they cost less than a dollar US and they are delicious. I sat for awhile on a diner stool at the counter ordering them two at a time as the ladies made them and drinking them down with mediano glasses of sweet milk. There are four old ladies in back that make the sandwiches and two at the counter that take orders and serve them. The sandwich is something Chile does very well and I have also enjoyed the hot churrasco sandwiches with everything on them (lettuce, tomato, fried egg, and ham). A good sandwich begins with the bread and they have very good breads in this country.


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