17 May 2013

To Alaska, USA

Gear: clothing (t-shirts, 2 pants, underwear, wool socks); silk shirt base layer; wool sweater; Carhartt heavy coat; 2 sweatshirts; wool slippers; fleece headband; fleece scarf; wool cap; rain poncho; baseball cap; 20degree sleeping bag; thermarest groundpad; compressible pillow; 2 towels; flip flops; plastic silverware; cooking set; cup; bowl; camping stove; mosquito net; mosquito repellent; flashlight; alarm clock (batteries); small notebook; camping mirror; 2 5liter MSR water bags; coffee filter; lock; knife; pen; ipod; ear buds; Bluetooth rubberized keyboard; toiletries

iPod and rollup wireless keyboard replaces the netbook computer for word processing;
also functions as a free wi-fi cellphone and camera


Dustin Bradford said...

Are you doing this journey on a motorcycle?

Pete said...

no motorcycle this year. I fly to anchorage tomorrow afternoon.

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