05 June 2013

Mt Marathon

Photos from my ascent nearly to the summit of the more than 3000 foot peak. Loose bedrock and unmelted snow where it became dangerously steep forced me to turn back. I feared a wrong step would lead to settling all accounts with the Lord. I could just see the Pacific Ocean beyond the last mountain pennisula. It is all good country here and unspoiled. 


Treacherous loose bedrock led me to concerns of causing a slide or avalanche

Today was a day off as no boats were scheduled to arrive and the salmon have yet to come in great numbers. Each July 4th there is a famous race up and down Mt Marathon. Jose, the Mexican security chief, described it to me as a string of colorful ants ascending the mountain. Later, at 10pm, fireworks are shot over Resurrection Bay, despite the bright sunlight of the Alaskan summer.  

(Update: it is not a day off. Salmon boat with 10,000lbs that we are going to pitch by hand at 1pm. Then a 3pm boat with halibut and black cod and rock fish. There is always work on the front dock.)


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