01 March 2014

Back in AK

When the rains ended and the mist from the melting snow had parted, the proud mountains were again visible. It was cold and clear and we worked four Russian boats, each with 35,000 lbs of pacific cod and some skate and rockfish and pollock mixed in. We separated the large sized p-cod from the smaller and sent the separated fish to different lines for their processing. A sea otter swam on his back in the turquoise waters of the harbor, snacking and rolling playfully. A pair of bald eagles landed on the ice house and watched us on the dock.
We worked into darkness. The bearded Russian fisherman looked on. They let their beards grow after they married. The only boats in the water fishing p-cod were the Russians. At $0.30/lb. it kept many of the long line boats from fishing.
The Conquest was the final boat of the day and from it I selected a beautiful 8 lb. yellow eye rockfish to purchase from the cannery. I paid the wholesale price which meant the freshly caught yellow eye was just $5, food for this night and perhaps two more. After finishing the boat, I fileted it on the dock, careful to avoid its sharp and dangerous quills. It cooked quickly in the pan and made for a fine supper. It was very good to be back in the far North.


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