28 July 2015


 "I'm gonna break every heart I can..."


Campsite just outside Sequoia National Forest. Arrived in the night and bedded down with my flashlight on the rocky hilltop.

Road beyond the campground

What I awoke to after camping in the night

A famous picture on the way to the Giant Forest

Entering the forest of giants

I heard a rustling in the woods and from above on the trail looked down and saw the bear. He was beside the trail digging in the brush. From above he did not see or smell me. I watched for a moment and then carefully retreated. I did not go further on the trail to see the Sequoia trees.

 The General Sherman Tree, largest living tree by volume in the world. Note the tiny people below.

 Gamelin Brothers. 1875. 

I camped again with just my sleeping bag in a forest in the Shasta River Valley. There was good wood to be taken from the forrest and a blazing fire kept the bears away.

The mountains of Oregon, coming north on I-95

Linn, OR the seed capital of the world


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Don't get much prettier. You coulda taken that bear.

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