11 August 2015

Shower Power

As I had expected the lumpers finished the live unload after 9:30pm. Late in the afternoon I had refueled at the Pilot a few miles away and even at that time the lot had filled with trucks. But I had noticed a road behind the truck stop on which trucks were parked and a quarter mile section which trucks were not parked on due to them being unable to make the turn. I saw, however, that I could take a different road and access that quarter mile for parking and I remembered this as I drove in the night back to the truck stop. 

For Professional Drivers Only

Sure enough the lot was jammed with trucks. I passed through and then taking the road I had marked out that afternoon I then found on the quarter mile section of road one spot big enough for my truck. The rest of the road behind the truck stop was lined with trucks. My planning during the afternoon had worked out for me. I pulled onto the gravel shoulder and cleared my trailer and hit the sleeper. 

Proof of a great achievement in hygiene and the prevention of disease

I lay in bed thinking about the achievement of that afternoon. I had swiped my Pilot Professional Driver Loyalty Card and purchased 130 gallons of fuel bringing me to more than 500 gallons purchased at Pilot during the month. This, I understood, gave me Shower Power. I had not showered in many days and was excited by the thought of the hot shower I would take tomorrow. I fell asleep thinking of that delicacy of the over the road trucker. 

A computer voice also announces: "Professional Driver Number ___ your shower is now ready"

In the morning I started a pot on the coffee machine and walked to the Pilot and went inside and inquired if I had actually achieved Shower Power. Indeed I had achieved it, the Mexican lady said. And there were showers available. She swiped my Pilot card and then I went to my shower room and keyed in the password and went inside. The shower room was very clean with tan stone walls, a toilet, a sink, and fresh towels. With Shower Power I would now be granted a free shower every day for a month. It was a wonderful thing to have achieved. I could be as clean now as I wanted to be. Life on the road was opening up for me. 


Dustin Bradford said...

Recently I saw something about some trucker posting blogs about life as an over the road trucker. I am certain it wasn't this blog they were referring to, but the point about the clean bathrooms is a consistent observation.

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