13 August 2015

Trucker Tools

In my first days driving I watched my DOT hours of service clock counting down. I watched the countdown of time and wondered where I could stop and park this big beast. I had been advised to stop before dark as the truck stops fill up quickly around that time and only the most difficult spots, requiring monstrous feats of backing, would be available. But where to stop? It was not until I purchased this trusted guide to truck stops and rest areas along the interstate system that I could plan where and when to end my day. I could also plan for refueling and when to take my DOT mandated 30 minute break. I keep this guide within reach on the passenger seat and refer to it throughout the day. While my navigation system can also be keyed in for truck stops, it can be dangerous to drive and attempt to key in destinations on the computer. 

Rand McNally Trucker GPS 5inch; Indispensible for when my truck Qualcomm goes down which happens every day. 


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