08 November 2015

Days of Heaven

 Morning at the truck stop at Casa Grande, AZ

"Livin' on the road, my friend, will keep you free and lean"--Townes van Zandt

Snowfall in northern Utah, Interstate 84

Along the Hood River gorge, Oregon

A storm cloud on the high plains. Rawlins, Wyoming

On Interstate 70 west of Denver, CO coming down slowly in slush and snow from 10,000 feet. At the base of the pass on the roadside was a turned over Fed Ex double, the tractor on its side, its trailers torn open, packages strewn about the ditch. 

Interstate 70, Utah

Burning the fields after the harvest north of Sacramento, CA on Interstate 5

Pass on the right for suicide

This intrepid beast hopped up into my cab at French Camp, CA

Teams of grackles and sparrows come each morning to feed on the dead insects caught in my grill

M'laiksini Yaina the Indians of the Klamath call it. The mountain of steep sides. Border of California and Oregon. 


Dustin Bradford said...

Yesterday morning I saw a trio of beautiful blue Western Distributing Transportation Corp tractor trailers starting the climb out of Denver, each shinier than the one before it. These were beautiful blue rigs and to see three of them in a caravan was a true spectacle. But the trucker who authors this blog is focused on the beauty that surrounds him and not as much the rigs themselves. Later that day I rode my mountain bike and in the distance the trucks climbed I70 to parts unknown.

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