16 January 2016

From the Road

 For Gustave Courbet. Arizona. 

 Crossing the Mississippi River into Missouri

 West Texas

 Great Dane, maker of fine trailers

 Barbecue and CB repair in Texarkana

 The flag of a great nation. 

Excellent barbecue at Bronte, TX

 Natchitoches, Louisiana

 Winter in northern Indiana

 A butte near Ludlow, Colorado, site of the massacre of striking miners and their families by Rockefeller's machine gunners. 

 Sam Houston

 North of Sacramento, California

West Texas gothic

I caught this rascal poking around my rig at a Flying J in Colorado. You can't be too careful at these truck stops. 


Dustin Bradford said...

Natchitoches, LA. Amen. Had me a great weekend there once, besides getting offered and taking some sort of pill drug I shouldn't have. Otherwise, all good. Very serious props for the quality of this set of images. Thanks for the trip.

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