25 December 2010

Desfile de Salsa

The German couple were both legitimate card carrying journalists and the Israeli girl and I went with them and our fake press credentials to the Salsa Parade, hoping to get in together into the press area. The press area was in front of the end point of the 12 block parade at Calle 50, but it was for photographers and had no seating and we wanted to sit. We used our press credentials to get into the raised bleacher seating and got seats right in front of the street.

Salsa music blasted out of speakers along the road and the crowd sang along to the songs. Caleños  young and old all knew the lyrics and sang them out. We waited about an hour for the dancers to make their way along the route to where we were at the end. It was hot in the sun but later the clouds came down from the mountain and it rained a little. Groups of dancers alternated with floats carrying salsa bands from different countries, the most famous being Los Van Van from Cuba.

It started with very young child dancers and progressed to older ones and the groups of dancers would dance down the street and then stop to perform their routines. The parade lasted from 2pm to 6pm and had some very impressive dancing. 

La Reina (Queen of the Parade)

Israeli and the German couple


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