14 December 2010

Pereira 2

I awoke late and felt much better but my appetite had still not returned. I ate crackers and drank some water. My stomach felt good and I had energy but I did not know from where since I had not eaten much. I might have gotten back on the road had my bike not needed to be taken apart and cleaned. I dug through a pannier and brought out my tool bag and got to work.

I cleaned the chain with my chain cleaner filled with a kitchen degreaser, then disassembled the entire drive train, removing the crank and each of the chain rings, cleaning each of the teeth individually. I pulled out the rear wheel and cleaned each of the sprockets, making sure each tooth was clean. I did not want to leave dirt and mud or gunk in any part of the drive train as it would be spread by the chain throughout. After I washed down the rims and frame I checked the brakes and cables. Then I went through and checked each of the allen screws on the front and rear racks, brakes and stem. The bike was in pieces all around me but was clean and ready to be put back together.

I felt tired from all the work and took a nap. I may need to change the rear brake cable at some point, but the bike looks as good as it did when I arrived and is ready for the last 250kms from Pereira to Cali. After I put the bike back together I spent the rest of the day at the hostel and ordered in some food that night and I ate all of it. My appetite was beginning to return. I began to feel I was almost over this stomach and intestinal ailment.


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